Joshua Florquin

Gent, 1984

Joshua found his practice to explore architecture as an art form as well as a social discipline

Joshua studied architecture at the St Lucas school of Architecture in Ghent, Belgium. In 2006, he moves to Rome to pursue a master’s degree at the Università degli studi Roma Tre Architettura. After graduating with distinction in 2008, he starts his professional career in Paris, working for several renowned architecture practices. Soon, he is asked to manage small and large public projects within multiple contexts. During residencies in Tokyo and New York, he broadens his cultural and professional insights and baggage.

Several years and many successful projects later, in 2014, Joshua decides time has come to found his own practice, again in Paris. To him, this city is the exact space of opportunity to explore architecture as an art form as well as a social discipline. As an architect and by principle, Joshua immerses himself in the place he works and lives. Shortly after the foundation of his practice, his focus starts shifting towards interior design and residential projects. But not only in France, also in Germany and Belgium he successfully ventures within retail design, development of workspaces, educational projects and housing designs. Shortly after starting the practice in Paris, Joshua decides to open a second office in Ghent, Belgium.

Recently, in 2017, Joshua decides to take the next step and becomes the co-founder of a new and hybrid space near the bustling ‘Bastille area’ in Paris. The space is dedicated to art and architecture and is home to his new office. Weekends the space converts itself into art gallery and workshop.


Besides Joshua Florquin, members of the JFA team include freelance architects, landscape architects, designers and technicians – each having a different cultural and professional background. This considerably adds to the multidisciplinary character of the practice. The diversity within the team ensures that JFA operates as a broadminded think-tank of professionals who critically assess every stage within the design process. A progressive and dynamic workflow is continuously fostered and ideas are relentlessly tested to assure that the only possible outcome is a justifiable, contemporary and sustainable architectural product.