Roof Loft

Wooden single occupancy home

Roof Loft is a wooden one floor rectangular 28 m² or 300 ft² apartment, for one person with a possible 270° angle view onto the exterior where it is positioned. Its light wooden structure makes it possible to place it on rooftops or any permitted site where there are utilities available. Different functions such as kitchen, bathroom, work desk and bedroom are grouped in such a way to make storage, multifunctional circulations, well illuminated spaces and views on the exterior possible. The remaining rectangular space is an open living room and kitchen that are well illuminated by large windows.


The ceiling consists of suspended frames with wooden lamellae that unify the apartment spaces giving a warm soothing and esthetic feeling. It can separate living room from the bedroom for more privacy and it enables the apartment user to reduce sunlight and its impact as he wishes. These functions can be established by a suspended sliding on rail system that moves the appropriate framed lamellae in front of the windows or between bedroom and living room. This procedure takes places in two steps enabling the user to choose between sliding half or totally down.


The main materials that are used for structure, facade as well as the interior are different kinds of treated wood. The main structure: composite wooden beams. Secondary structure: multiplex, OSB plates. Façade finishing of wooden planks. The interior finishes for floors, ceiling and doors are wood. For walls they namely are painted compressed cardboard. The widthness of the walls floor and roof are thick enough to permit isolation with a low energy consuming result. Utility alimentation connections and dirty water exits are placed at the right bottom on the façade of the entrance.
Kitchen consists of 3 lower and 3 upper modules which can be filled as wished. Bathroom consists of a shower, toilet, sink and storage. The water heater is placed above clothing storage in the entrance corridor.


  • Program: single home occupancy unit
  • Client: Building Trust International
  • Competition status: short listed