Rheda-Wiedenbrück comprehensive school

Concept & interior design of a comprehensive school

A school takes part in preparing young adults to form themselves and grow their skills and personality.
That is why we consider the interior design of the Rheda Wiedenbrueck comprehensive
school a social project. This basic principle is a central starting point for our concept design and
architectural approach.
By studying personality and behaviour of growing adolescents we developed architectural design
decisions that influence the students state of mind in a positive way.
Young adults are in full development and do not interact and process information in the same
way. Personalities can be introvert, extrovert or in between. Some individuals prefer interaction,
others solitary learning in order to process. We believe this difference in character needs to be
mirrored into the interior design.
We implemented in our contemporary pragmatic and functional design, archetype Greek and
roman elements such as the agora, amphitheatre, patio and niche. They are the architectural
foundation of ratio-spaces.
In the agora as well as in the forum, the temples, political buildings, markets coexist together
simultaneously in the same place. They stimulate the development and strengthening of an interconnected
society where different generations can exchange their ideas and views. Our intervention
follows a similar approach.
Users, teachers, students with a wide range of ages meet together for different reasons in a place
to find out later that it can be experienced and used for other purposes. This can stimulate their
creativity and receptiveness making them feel completely involved.
For example: in ancient Greece you could have gone to the temple to pray and later you could
have been caught in the middle of a political debate by accident. Merging architectural spaces
and functions in heterogeneous ways encourage a diversification of students’ activities and interests.
As in the market example: buzzing, noises, colours, the smell of products evoke a perceptive
experience, thus every piece of architecture of our proposal expresses its functions through
its appearance that can be easily identified, leading the students to a sensory experience.
Themselves, attracted by the colourful and eclectic aspect, hear, see, understand, get interested
and grow up.


  • Program: concept & interior design of a comprehensive school
  • Location: Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
  • Timetable: 2016
  • Client: City of Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
  • Surface: 20.000sqm
  • Budget: N.C.
  • Status: restricted competition (2nd place)