House Bourgogne

Rehabilitation of an old barn

This old cheep barn was built on a big estate near Cluny, a small town in the Bourgogne region (France). It is characterized by the 35 degrees roof, it’s beautifull white stone and a small constructed annex. It is situated in a protected zone and within 500m of a Roman classified church, this restricts window openings and views towards the church.The unhabited property needed to be rehabilitated into a couple’s summer house with a bedroom and bathroom.

The approach of this project was to create a harmony with the existing construction and it’s environment and to resolve special and surface issues with the creation of a mezzanine and linear contemporary interventions.

By creating a mezzanine accessible by a staircase behind the kitchen we distinguish 2 ground floor zones: kitchen with a lower ceiling and a living room with a double height ceiling and it’s particular slope. Intimacy on the mezzanine is established by a monumental oak functional element that transforms itself into the ceiling for the dining room. It devides the living room and it’s vide from the bedroom. The alteration in kitchen/dining room ceiling materials determines the ground floor circulations. The use of mainly warm materials as wood for floor, ceiling and storage furniture creates a warm feeling and a contrast with the white stone in harmony with the direct environment and it’s nature.

Respecting the urban regulations of this protected zone; window openings from the kitchen, living room and ceiling could be adequately created.. All technical aspects such as plumming and electricity distribution are placed underneath the stairs and behind the kitchen.


  • Program: Rehabilitation of an old barn
  • Location: Cluny (FR)
  • Timetable: 2014
  • Client: Private
  • Estimated cost: €60K exl. VAT
  • Surface: 60m²
  • Phase: Detailed design