Aug 22, 2016

JFA commissioned built of 2 housing and 1 commercial unit in Ledeberg

JFA is going to design and build 2 housing units with a rooftop garden designed by landscape architect Fra Borrelli, and one commercial unit on the corner of Langestraat and Petrus de Meyerstraat in Ledeberg.  The commercial unit will become a permanent bar with expositions and events hosted by Selin Erkan & Bernd Fink. Ledeberg is a sub municipality of Ghent that has been gentrifying the last 5 years. Completion of the project is estimated end 2017. The city of Ghent has made several investments in Ledeberg such as Keizerpark with a cyclists and pedestrians bridge connecting it to Gent and the renewal of the Brusselsesteenweg who aspires to become a shopping street. Young urban professionals are settling into this bustling neighborhood with a mixed young population of artists and young professionals that want to invest in their community.  Notable new workshop, exhibiton, and event space in Ledeberg is ‘in de ruimte‘.